Management and meaning

Brian Amble | 08 Jun 2016

Managers don’t have any role in creating a sense of meaningfulness at work, new research suggests. But bad management can certainly destroy it.

The flip-side of ethical conduct

Brian Amble | 18 Feb 2016

Doing what right - as opposed to what's profitable - isn’t always easy. What’s more, new research has found, ethical behaviour can also have an ugly flip-side.

Over a barrel: paying the price for cheap oil

Isabelle Chaboud | 13 Jan 2016

The oil companies have had to take out loans, slash investment and sell assets to deal with the plunge in the price of oil. At the same time, shareholder payouts have been maintained. But for how long?

Pfizer, Allergan and fiscal sleight of hand

Isabelle Chaboud | 04 Dec 2015

The potential merger of Pfizer and Allergan might create the world's largest pharmaceutical company, but it will also make Pfizer the biggest tax deserter in U.S. history.

Taking the fight to ISIS

Jean-Fran?ois Fiorina | 24 Nov 2015

“France is at war,” President Francois Hollande declared last week after the attacks on Paris. But declaring war is just the start. War requires a a "war effort", and that raises a host of other questions.

Leadership development still missing the mark

Brian Amble | 22 Oct 2015

Organisations throw billions at leadership development but as a new study highlights, they still seem unable to develop better leaders.

Diversity at the top: are companies walking the talk?

Brian Amble | 06 Oct 2015

Public companies in the world’s leading economies earn an increasing proportion of their revenues from outside their home countries. But does their leadership reflect this global reality?

Pulling the wool over the auditors’ eyes

Brian Amble | 23 Sep 2015

Confident statements from managers can distort the judgement of auditors and lead them to accept explanations at face value, new research has found.

The politics of cheaper oil

Isabelle Chaboud | 22 Sep 2015

Oil prices today are at the same level as they were in 2009 during the financial crisis. So what are the causes of this collapse - and what might the consequences be?

When agile thinking meets traditional management

Dawna Jones | 08 Sep 2015

Agile methodology has the potential to help the entire business culture adapt to uncertainty rather than fight and resist change. But when Agile values collide with traditional management, tension can erupt.

Too much innovation doesn't pay dividends

Brian Amble | 25 Aug 2015

Those who try to innovate the most often don’t reap any benefit from their efforts, even when circumstances seem to be at their most optimal.

Confidence the key to successful negotiations

Brian Amble | 30 Jul 2015

Under-confident negotiators achieve a successful outcome in just one in five of the negotiations they’re involved in, new research has found.

Ethics across the generations

Guendalina Dondé | 20 Jul 2015

Business ethics mean different things to different people. So understanding the different characteristics of the various generations in the workplace is a fundamental part of building a culture founded on ethical values.

Feeding the world

Jean-Fran?ois Fiorina | 13 May 2015

Hunger is a daily reality for more than one in 10 of the world’s population. And as the population continues to climb, feeding the world ceases to be a humanitarian or economic imperative or even a question of ‘food security’. It becomes a question of survival.

Old world vs new: the geopolitical pendulum

Jean-Fran?ois Fiorina | 29 Apr 2015

Over the past decade, the balance between the ‘old’ industrial world and emerging economies has shifted dramatically. But with an economic slow-down beginning to affect many emerging countries, is the pendulum now swinging back the other way?

Dominance could kill you

Brian Amble | 23 Mar 2015

If you think that that aggressive, competitive behaviour is the way to get ahead, think again. Because according to new research, a hostile-dominant personality increases the risk of heart disease and could shorten your life.

How currency wars impact business

Brian Amble | 09 Mar 2015

When currency wars break out, business gets caught in the crossfire. But the impact of monetary policy can work both ways. So the more businesses leaders are aware of the implications, the more effectively they can plan and react.

The rise of protectionism: are borders making a comeback?

Brian Amble | 06 Mar 2015

It’s symptomatic of the economic and political tensions emerging across the globe that borders are regaining their importance and protectionist policies are starting to reappear. As a result, businesses need to navigate international markets that are becoming ever more regulated.

Geopolitics and managing risk

Brian Amble | 04 Mar 2015

Any business that operates outside its home turf needs a grasp of geopolitics. As Jean-Fran?ois Fiorina, vice dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, tells us, understanding the geopolitical stakes in a country or region helps companies make the right choices and minimize risks.

Female CFOs reduce corporate tax evasion

Brian Amble | 25 Feb 2015

If we want companies to be more transparent and ethical about their tax affairs, having more women in board positions - and in particular, encouraging more women to become CFOs - could be the answer.